Triple Your Traffic - Michigan's Friend In SEO

Triple Your Traffic – Michigan’s Friend In SEO

We at Michigan SEO believe that the soul of any successful business in modern days is not dependent just on quality excellence but also on an efficient marketing strategy.

Gone are the days where you marketed your product or services by selling pamphlets, advertisements on television or billboards. With the advent of Internet, marketing has got a whole new meaning. Now the answers to all your needs are just as easy as a search over the internet. So in this day and time where computers and internet play a vital role, the term SEO is a major aspect for running a successful business. Search Engine Optimization/SEO has proven to be the best way of attracting more customer traffic for your business and to gain an edge over your competitors. When a customer looks up for a service or product in the search engine it is more likely that they choose from the results of the first page and the first few results. This is where a company like Michigan search engine optimization plays an important role. Michigan SEO’s Triple Your Traffic understands this better than any other SEO company out there and that is exactly why we are your best bet in making that final successful step towards success.

At Triple Your Traffic we are aimed at providing excellent services to our customers to enhance their sales by attracting more customers and thereby ensuring bigger profits. TYT is the best go to choice for Michigan business people who are looking for growing their business. One of the major question that still lingers in many is, “Why do I need the expertise of a SEO company” and why should we specifically choose Michigan expert SEO services. Well the answer to both the questions are simple. By hiring TYT you are employing the experts who possess abundant knowledge about how things work in popular search engines. Added with the fact that it is cost-effective while compared to other form of advertising your business such as PPC advertising. This is because at TYT we follow a fairly simple ROI. Besides being a cost-effective method of promoting your business, we also ensure that customers see faster results as well as save a lot of time for their consumers.

We have been speaking a lot about Michigan (MI) SEO’s TYT services. Lets take a closer look into how we ensure that your company’s name is getting the attention it deserves. At TYT we follow three simple steps to achieve this. They are.

a. Keyword Research
b. On-Page Optimization
c. Off-Page Promotion

Time to explore what exactly is done during each one of these steps to enhance your company’s chances of being in the first few results being displayed when a simple search is done.

Keyword Research:

When a user does a search on a search engine, the results that are displayed to them are the output of a complex algorithm. These algorithms are designed in such a way that they consider a lot of factors before they give you the results based on the search. These algorithms are written with utmost care to ensure that the user is not presented with fake or spam links upfront. One of the technique that TYT follows to handle this is Keyword Research.

We at TYT ensure that we understand your business needs before we go on about giving our suggestions to improve your company’s SEO. All the necessary details like the core business need, customers requirements and how the customer wants us to depict his/her business over the net. These details are gathered with immense care to ensure that we are clear about your vision for the company. Understanding the business needs of the customer marks the beginning of the next step which is, Identifying the Keywords. These are the keywords which the consumers generally use to search on the internet for a specific product or services. By narrowing down the relevant keywords for your business we are one step closer to promoting your business online.

The next step involves validating these Keywords with the stats we get from Google itself. This is done by checking the past results and statistics directly from Google for each individual Keyword that was narrowed down. This will give us a fairly better idea of the keywords that are most successful over the internet prevalent to your business.

At Triple Your Traffic we use a fairly simple ROI formula which consists of three major measures which are:

Total Search Volume: In this step, the total search volume of all the keywords are narrowed down based on the stats that we obtained from the search engines.

Increased Estimated Sales: Exclusive research conducted in the SEO area have shown that on an average the top results in a search gets about 33% of total hits. Which means if there are 2200 total hits for your keyword’s search, the average hits for your link could be around 660 once we make your website the top result! Well, sounds like magic isn’t it? 1 % of this would give us the Increased Estimated Sales.

Increased Estimated Revenue: Now, the Increased Estimated Sales obtained above is multiplied by the average cost of your product which would give the Increased Estimated Revenue. For ex, if the average cost of a Furniture in your website is $5000 with around 660 hits, then Revenue would be at least $33,000!

On-Page Optimization

Google’s ranking method of websites mainly looks for 2 characteristics:
How relevant is your page for the keyword entered by the customer in their search box?
How popular is your website/webpage compared to other web pages having similar keywords?

On-Page Optimization majorly covers the First characteristic mentioned above.

Actions usually taken here are:
We make sure your webpage is built with appropriate keywords and content.
We know that Keywords play the most important role of all. So, we help you in making sure your website emphasizes the important keywords in all the pages.
This not only involves putting the right content in all the pages of your site but also to make sure all your URL links, titles, descriptions etc have them too

Off-page promotion

This step takes care of the second characteristic mentioned above.

Google wants to make sure that only Quality links that are popular among users are given Rank#1 in their search results.

To achieve this:
We make sure there are no Spam links or the site is associated with any Spam content. This not only tells Google that the website is irrelevant but also increases the Rankings’ given by Google’s algorithm.

Use links of popular sites in your website which will help Google identify that your website is genuine, relevant and popular. For ex:, Google+ etc.

With these simple yet effective steps we are here to help the people of Michigan who would aim at promoting their business online for better sales and profits. These effective steps coupled by the fact that we pick a handful of customers every month ensures that we give our best to our clients to achieve success in their business. So why wait, hire Michigan SEO’s Triple Your Traffic to ensure your business isn’t affected by the online traffic jam!