Strict Standards For Acceptance Into Our SEO Program

Criteria For Acceptance

Strict Standards For Acceptance Into Our SEO Program

Unlike most companies (who will accept anyone who wants to pay them) we only accept new clients that FIRST meet our strict criteria for acceptance which you can read below.

#1: No Conflicting Clients

This may be pretty obvious, but we can’t have two clients with the exact same keywords, there’s only room for one company at the top. That’s why, we only take on one client per market and set unique keywords. Before we ever consider anyone’s application, we first make sure we don’t have any conflicting clients.

#2: Can Get The Company Ten Times Their Return on Investment (ROI)

It may go without saying, but our whole entire existence is to grow a company’s “business.” We rank them organically for their target keywords that potential customers are searching. When they are ranked in the top spots for those keywords, those potential buyers will come to their site, a certain percent will buy, and the company will profit.

So if we do the research, and there’s some sort of combination of not enough search volume, too low of average revenue per sale that Does NOT equal a ROI at least 10 times what the company will pay us, then we do NOT work with them. We are ONLY interested in working with a company we can help.

So before we accept a new client, we make sure we can get them a 10 times a return on investment to what they pay us. We use our “ROI Formula” that you can learn more about here if interested.

#3: Outstanding Products/Services

Triple Your Traffic is built on a foundation of people that want to make the world a better place, meaning even for the searcher on Google. So if you’re not a legit company, or don’t offer great products and services for your customers/clients, then we don’t want to work with you.

We ONLY work with and rank the businesses that will be best for the searcher – not just because we can and companies will pay us for it.

#4 Great Business Owner

Goes without saying we want to work with a great person. Someone wanting to serve their customers best, someone motivated for business growth, is ethical, responds to our messages in timely fashion, believes in us and trusts our process that we’ve now used countless times…..

This all adds up to…

No Conflicting Clients + Great ROI + Great Product/Service + Great Person = Great Fit For Us To Deliver Ultimate Business Growth

#1 and #2, we will do for you, we will make sure we have no conflicting clients, we will do all your advanced keyword research and make sure we can get you an ROI.

You do #3, #4, if you are a great person to work with – then you fit our criteria.

Having this criteria, allows us to work together so much better, which results in a fast, more efficient path to more rankings, more traffic, and more money for you and your business.

After reading this criteria, make sure you fill out out TYT SEO Application here.