TYT's Hidden History of Becoming a Top SEO Company

Hidden History of TYT

How Triple Your Traffic Became A Lean Mean Organic-Ranking, Traffic-Generating, Money-Making Machine For So Many Businesses In All Types of Markets

Looking back years ago, we started off struggling and FAILING for years to rank our target keywords organically in the search engines…

You see, we were NOT always an “SEO company”…

We started off with a group of like-minded people that came together to learn how to grow our own businesses.

All we knew when we started was getting more traffic to our website was the way we’d be able to grow our own businesses.

We studied every single piece of information on “how to get #1 positions in Google” that we could find online and began using and implementing these techniques for YEARS.

…The SAD Part Is We Got Very Little Rankings And Not Much Increased Traffic When We First Started

Frustrated with no results, we actually hired an SEO company to help

But just like most of our clients have had, we had a very unsatisfactory experience with little results…

Now, the good news about that was we learned WHAT NOT TO DO as an SEO company – which became a very valuable experience for TYT.

We then went back to the drawing board…

With even more dedication to learn how to get the top positions for our target keywords so we could get more traffic in order to get more sales.

We knew there were TWO KEY PARTS to rank:

  1. relevance
  2. authority links

Relevance was easy, using the keyword on the page.

The HARD PART was getting authority links – link from popular “authoritative sites”.

We sent out THOUSANDS of emails asking sites to let us do a guests post with virtually ZERO success.

We Finally Stumbled Upon a Method To Allow Us to Get Authority Links Whenever We Wanted That Ranked Our Content #1 So Consistently It Was Crazy

We discovered on a small forum a few people discussing how we can build our own authoritative sites, that we control, within ONE DAY.

“How?” you may be asking…

Well listen closely and we’ll tell you how…

It turns out that 1,000’s of companies let their domains/website go/do not renew their register and hosting (either because they got a new domain, went out of business, etc).

Meaning, after a period of 30 days of NOT renewing their domain registration fees, the website/domain is open for ANYONE to register that domain.

Here’s how and why it works to increase rankings on Google…

After Registering The Expired Domain – All The Older Links That Were Already Linking To The Site Still Count

Meaning we can literally build up an authority site (by just finding any/buying these past authority sites) within a few days, not years – and link to whatever we want, making it rank in the top spots in Google consistently.

As we talked about our ranking success with other businesses/business owners …they naturally asked, “can you do this for my site as well?

We said “sure why now” and started to apply the exact same formula and process to other companies sites, in different markets, for their target Keywords and the results were outstanding.

Using the Same Formula With Different Sites, We Were Still Able to Consistently Rank Their Sites #1 For Their Target Keywords in Just A Few Short Months

These companies were ecstatic and happily paid for the SEO campaign because they were making on average 10 times more then what they paid us to do it for them.

We knew this was something that really helped companies grow their business to a new level… and that’s how Triple Your Traffic started and evolved into an “SEO company.”

Over The Next Couple Years We Refined Our Process To Consistently Rank Our Client’s Content For The Top Spots In Google

We can now take ANY company, figure out the best keywords, estimate closely what it will cost, and run a proven formula and process that will generate #1 rankings for the target keywords.

It’s not “if” you will rank, it’s just a matter of “when” you will rank using our proven strategies and formulas.

It’s pretty fricken awesome to have that much power and control…

We’ve now got so many insane results for all types of companies, in all types of markets, it is truly an amazing feeling getting raving fan feedback.

If you are reading this now, and need to be #1 on Google to grow your business, then we want to help you…

The “Catch” To Working With Us On Your SEO Campaign

Now, the “catch” is we only work with companies we can get an 10X ROI, and we will tell you how much it will cost up front (depends on many different factors) – that’s why you have to fill out our application and we’ll make sure you met our criteria before we begin working together.

The best part is, whether you will be accepted to work with us or not,  you’ll get a free custom SEO traffic-getting action plan – where we will tell you all the best keywords to rank for – some of our very best secrets and insights how to get to the #1 spot in Google, and much more.

Just fill out the application by clicking here to get the process started today.

Hope you enjoyed our history. We didn’t plan to be a SEO company, it just happened out of our own need. And now we are so proud of the systems we built to help other business owners just like you rank #1 in Google for more traffic, leads, sales, and money.