Step #3 - Off Page Promotion - Triple Your Traffic

Step #3 – Off Page Promotion

Step #3 – Right Promotion

Making the site and content relevant is pretty easy. Most businesses can get that right (but a surprisingly high number of businesses do not get this right – but it’s not their fault – they don’t study and practice it like we do).

The question is, if most sites can be made relevant pretty easily so how does Google decide which relevant site to put number one? Well, Google always wants to display the best content for their users to search. That way the user will come back to use Google again. Google basically asked, “What determines popular content vs. non popular content?”

As they looked for the difference between popular and non-popular sites, they came to the conclusion that it was all about links. People naturally use links just like “votes” are used to decide who’s the most popular option in an election. Think about the site – popular site right? Think how many links they have? Almost all sites put a link to their Facebook account from their site right? Why? Because it’s a popular site that the site owner actually uses.

So Google treats links like “votes”. The more votes (links) a site has, the more popular it must be and therefore Google wants to show it on the top spots.

#3.1 – Quality of Sites
Now here’s how things changed. In the past, more links meant more votes. But now Google is all about quality links equaling more powerful votes. Meaning no spam low quality sites count anymore for “votes” (and they now actually prevent rankings).

#3.2 – Variety of Sites
So the first part of the link building equation for #1 rankings is how powerful the sites that link to the target site are. Also we can’t get links from all the same sites because that would look unnatural. So we need to get sites from a variety of types of sites. Here’s some examples of sites we have accounts on and use to promote our clients sites.

#3.3 – Variety of Anchor Texts 
The third part of the link building equation is HOW people link to you site (aka anchor texts or hyperlinks). You see, in the past, if we wanted to rank for “SEO company” we would write content/articles and make the anchor text/hyperlinks all like “SEO company” over and over to our site. But Google is all about natural rankings (hence the name “organic”). So would everyone linking in the same way really be natural? No! Not at all. Everyone would say different things like:

Different variations: best seo company, top seo company

Synonyms: internet marketing company, digital marketing company, seo services

URLS like:,,

Brand names: “Triple Your Traffic, TYT, TYT SEO

Generics: click here, more info, home, go here

Combinations: TYT site click here, For best seo company go here. etc. Having tons of anchor text variation leads you to AVOIDING all types of Google penalties.

So to recap, having a variety of different quality sites, a variety of different ways to link, variations of keyword, synonyms, brands, generics, etc. keeps your site safe from any penalties, basically making it penalty proof. We’ve never got our own content or our client’s content penalized in anyway and are going to do absolutely everything in our power to never ever let that happen.