Step #2 - On-Page Optimization - Triple Your Traffic

Step #2 – On-Page Optimization

Step #2 – Content Optimization

Why: Google ranks top sites that have two main characteristics:

#1: Relevant: The site is about what the user searched.

#2: Best/popular: It’s a high quality answer/solution to what the user searched.

Step #2 is all about updating or creating content that is relevant to the user’s search/keywords. In fact, I will show you it’s all about relevance and not even about the best content quality or design even though most SEO companies will tell you it’s all about “site quality.”

Example: Search “Michigan SEO” and look for a site on the first page, called “” click that link:


That’s our site we threw up in a few minutes and gave no thought to design. IN fact, we accidentally ranked it for this very competitive keyword “Michigan SEO.” Opps. But let’s take a look at WHY it ranked……RELEVANCY, the title, url and description all have the keyword “Michigan SEO” in it:


The page title, content, and video are all about “Michigan SEO”:


So… pretty basic, make the page about the keyword you want. Now that it’s relevant it’s time to make it popular.