Step #1 - Keyword Research / ROI Calculation - Triple Your Traffic

Step #1 – Keyword Research / ROI Calculation

How To Make Sure Your SEO Campaign Will Be Profitable Before You Begin

We’re going to reveal our cutting edge proven strategies and techniques that we consistently use to triple our clients’ traffic, sales and profit within a few short months. We’re going to show you our own case studies along with a video of a client’s results – so you can really see that – this does work – and how this works.

Step #1: Keyword Research

It all starts with figuring your best converting keywords people are searching and how many people are searching these keywords to estimate how much more traffic you will get. Then more importantly, determining how much revenue the increased traffic will make you. We use a simple “ROI Formula” to determine your number one objective, your return on investment on your SEO campaign. The ROI formula:

  • Total Search Volume ___ X 33% = Increased Traffic ___
  • Increased Traffic ___ X 1% = Increased Sales ___
  • Increased Sales ___ X Average Revenue Per Sale = Increased revenue ___

Read on to determine how to “fill in the blanks” of the formula i.e. total search volume, increased traffic and increased sales which will determine your ROI.

#1.1. Total Search Volume

First we start off with finding the best high volume converting keywords. Here’s what we mean: High volume = enough people are searching the keyword to make it worth it. Converting = high probability of turning into a customer. Examples: Say we are targeting people who are looking for SEO companies and we want them to find our content. What keywords do we want?

  1. A) SEO company
  2. B) Search engine optimization company
  3. C) How do I increase my rankings

Well first we get rid of “how do I increase my rankings.” Why? Because the probability of someone who is searching that keyword and looking for an SEO company is low (this user has a higher probability of looking to do SEO himself) Then we’d take the remaining keywords (in this case just two – in real life we’d be analyzing a lot more keywords) and put them in Google’s keyword tool to get the search volume:

  1. SEO company – 9,900
  2. search engine optimization company – 590

So we’d mainly only want “SEO company” because that is what most people are searching to find the services we are offering and at the same time the people who will be most likely to buy our services. If you have more than one keyword you add up the total monthly searches of each to get your total search volume.

#1.2. Increased Traffic

Now we used to think if “10,000” people are searching for that keyword, and we rank on the number one spot – BAM – we get 10,000 more visitors per month. Unfortunately, this is not how it works since the user has a lot of options to click. Now the good news is studies and our experience show that being ranked #1 will get by far the most clicks and visitors. Here’s the study:


So being informed of this, we need to multiply the search volume of the keywords by 33% to see approximately how many more visitors we will get.

Example: “SEO company” gets “9,900” so 9,900 X 33% = 3267. So 3,267 per month not bad, but much different from 9,900.

#1.3. Increased Sales

3,267 more visitors sounds great but how much sales will that bring us? Well, we know in business that not everyone buys (dang it!). But for the sake of this conversation, we can stay super realistic and estimate that most search traffic converts at 1% or higher. Therefore, we just take the increased traffic and multiply it times 1%. So in this example, 3,326 X 1% equals 33. Meaning we’d get 33 increased sales per month.

#1.4 Increased Revenue

That brings us to our real objective in all of this R-O-I. Meaning we just times the increased sales by the average revenue per sale. Our average revenue per sale/lifetime value of a new client is 24,000 per year. So 33 X 24,000 = 792,000 Now that we know SEO is worth it, we need to make those numbers a reality.