How To Tell if Your SEO Company is Doing GOOD or BAD...

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Simple Checklist to Know If Your SEO Provider is On The Right Track, or Wasting Your Money and Time – Or Worse Creating Costly Damaging Effects

The truth is anyone can start an “SEO company” and be a “SEO expert” these days – which unfortunately creates most SEO companies providing little to no results – or even worse damaging effects.

I’m assuming that is why you are here – because somewhere, whether it’s the back of your head or deeper in your gut, you have the thoughts and feelings that your CURRENT SEO provider is NOT going to deliver on the top rankings in Google that you want and they promised….

I know it sucks. I know it’s tough to think about because you paid them your hard earned money…

But regardless of what you think or anyone else thinks, bottom line is the results aren’t there – as they always say in business “numbers don’t lie” – you can’t fake being #1 in Google when you search your target keywords, you can’t fake customers calling and buying from you.

A thing I want to point out is I’m NOT here to tell you is “your SEO company provider is bad, or good” – I don’t’ know who your SEO Provider is or the results they generating, what you are paying them, etc.

What I am here for and will do, is give you a SIMPLE 3 minute CHECKLIST you can use, to know if your SEO provider is on the right track – or NOT.

That way, you can step out of the darkness – because having the wrong SEO company doesn’t just waste your hard earned money, it waste your time and the opportunity cost – even worse your SEO provider could be doing SEO in way that creates damaging effects on your site so you get even worse rankings (and the next SEO provider will need more money and time to fix the problems your current SEO is creating).

Knowing these 5 factors and simple checklist, you can step into the LIGHT – get clear if they are on the right track or not – so you can quickly say “yes they on right track” and let go and continue on with other stuff – or say “no, they aren’t on the right path, I need to make a new decision on a SEO company because the current people are not cutting it.”

So let’s dive into the 5 factors/questions now (download checklist at the end, first I need to explain what the factors/questions are so you know how to use the checklist).

Question #1: Since You Started With the Current SEO Provider, Have You Noticed More Conversions Per Month?

Conversions meaning, a phone call, or form filled (if e commerce then a sale on site) – whatever the end metric you wanted to go up – is it going up?

Positive example: you got an average of 10 leads per month. Since starting with the SEO company you now get 20 per leads. Plus 10 increase.

Negative example: you got an average of 10 leads per month. Since starting with the SEO company you now get 10 per leads. No real change.
You can do this one from you head, or look at the logs (assuming you keep track of these of course)

I know it’s pretty simple, but this is the highest, most obvious level to start.


Question #2: Since You Started With the SEO Provider, On Average Do You Get More Website Visitors Per Month?

Visitors meaning the actual people viewing or visiting your site (before the take action and become a “lead/conversion” by calling, filling out a form, etc).

Positive example: before using this SEO provider you got 200 visitors a month. After working with the SEO provider you not get average of 600 visitors a month. 400 more visitors per month.

Negative example: before using this SEO provider you got 200 visitors a month. After working with the SEO provider you not get average of 200 visitors a month. No real increase.

Where to find this out: I am sure you have Google Analytics on your site. Login there, select 4 months or so back ending with previous month. And hit “monthly” to see each month how many visitors your site had, has it gone up or down?

You can login to Google Analytics here:

If you do NOT have Google Analytics installed (get it installed now) you can use this free tool look. It does a pretty good job measuring traffic increases or decreases:


Question #3: Have the Google Positions For Your Target Keywords Increased?

Google rankings mean the main keyword you want to be on the top spots on Google for.

This is one level before the visitor, before the visitors come, they Google your target keywords, and if they click your site they then become a visitor.

Any position below the 3rd position for your target keyword is virtually useless. Studies show that the first position in Google gets 33%, the 2nd position gets 15, the 3rd position 13% and so on with a big drop off.

How do you tell what position you are?

The simplest way is open a new incognito window (if don’t know how to open one of those click here) and make sure you are logged out and search your keyword, and keep looking at the results until you find your keyword.

Each page has approximately 10 results, so if you are red spot down on page 5, that’d be spot 53.

Hopefully the SEO provider has send you something showing you what position you were on before you started. Maybe you weren’t in any position. And hopefully the SEO provider is at least send you monthly reports of the positions (we give all our client access to check their rankings at any time – along with monthly snapshot reports).

Another way to see this, with possibly less work and time, is to view the site I showed you in the last factor:

But this time click “keywords” and it will show you how many keywords you currently have ranked in the top 20 spots, and a history over time.


Question #4: Since Starting With the SEO Provider, Have you Gotten More Authority Links?

A quick “lesson” before this one: Google always wants to rank the best content, the major way the determ this is by links, Google knows that people will naturally link to good content, so that’s why they favor links so much.

However, in today’s age, Google knows anyone can make a free site or leave a comment on someone’s site to get a link, so they really value links from trust authority pages. Authoirty pages means that the page that link has, has income links to is.

How do you tell: you can use the free tool calledmajesticSEO, put your site in, click “new” tab and can see how many links have been being built.

The TF and CF is how authoritative a link is , you can click them and see the links.

The downside is some old links get refound by this tool so they aren’t really “old” but sitll in the new section. So for this one and all of them actually, you can go as deep as you want, click each link and seeing what it’s all about.

The higher quality links will be at the top and down toward the bottom and further back pages, the less and less quality site will be.

Ideally you want to be getting MINIMUM 10 NEW authority links per month… Obviously amount of links is depend on how much you are investing, but at a general rule of thumb for every 500 dollars, you want to see at least 10 new authority links.

Your SEO provider should be sending link reports as well, that you can look at investigate. We’ve seen some really nasty spammy link reports, so I know this is the most complex one, but it’s very important you be aware of the quality of links your SEO provider is generating to your site each month without exception.


Question #5: Since Starting With the SEO Provider, is Your Website Optimization Correctly?

As we keep going a level deeper, from conversions, to visitors, to rankings, to link – and now the last one, and first one time thing done – is what can be know as “on-page optimization” This is always done first, so if you are still in the first 30 days with working with your SEO provider – then this is the one to look at closely.

On Page optimization means at the most basic level, that your site is relevant for the target keywords.

As you probably know, Google wants to always rank the best AND most relevant content in the top positions.

So “on-Page Optimization” involves putting the keywords in the right places.

The easiest way to do this, is to go to the target page/content that is being ranked and press “control F” and type in the basic keyword phrase and the function will highlight the keyword on your page.

Places where the keyword needs to be marked with *

  • Meta Tile*
  • URL
  • Description*
  • Page Headline*
  • First sentence*
  • Middle of page
  • Ending of page*
  • Embedded a relevant YouTube video
  • Linking out to a related Authority page (we just link out to the relevant YouTube video we make for our clients)
  • 500 or more 100% unique content
  • Keyword density around 1%

There’s some more advanced things to this step, like putting into Google “” and getting rid of all the junk pages that are indexed in Google.

But most importantly look for the target keywords in the right place (as laid out above).

If your SEO provider is a good communicator, he should of sent you some sort of report with the word done to your site – if not you have to investigate yourself.

Five Factors to Evaluate Your SEO Provider Checklist:



Time to Make The Call Now

You have to look at the # of Yes’s and No’s to get a starting idea. And then dig deeper. Like may there is 10 more visitors to your site a month, so technically it’s a “yes” but is that really the progress you want to see, and worth the investment you are putting in? Probably not.

If you want us to take a look at your site, and progress, from people who do this daily, then just let us know.

Bottom line, you have to ask yourself “am I okay with the performance so fall, do the verifiable 5 key measurable conversions, rankings, traffic, links, all met in way that seems and feel right at me?”

Or is time to make a harder, but more impactful decision, and what needs to be done decision to start looking for a new SEO provider.

What a common mistake I want to warn you of, is thinking “SEO is bad” it doesn’t work. That’s almost like saying all relationships are bad after one or a few bad relationship. It doesn’t mean all relationships are bad – it just means you haven’t found the right person.

Just like all SEO isn’t bad, you just haven’t found the right SEO Provider yes (hint, hint).

Also, as one business owner to another, this is not the time to blame, get bummed out, or anything – it is what it is – I’m sure (or hopefully) they where trying to do something, but who know what and can’t do the stuff that counts, effectively or not.

SEO companies and providers can be great people and great intent, but that doesn’t mean they know how to actually make it top spots happen within budget and time frames – or at all.

If it is time to choose a new SEO providor, look for things like this, where the SEO providor is conscious of all this stuff. Also proven track record helps – and has a repeable plan they can use on your site and content …like we have.

Yes, obviously I’m biased because I work for Treiple Your Traffic (the SEO company’s site that you are on right now) – I have seen too many times companies coming in with no rankings for thier target keyword, and within a short itme fram they are in the top spots and all the extra leads and sales it brings.

So if you are in the position where a new SEO provider seems like something you need – then all I ask if you hear us out.

We’ll take a look at the progress of the current/old SEO provider, we’ll tell you how we do things, how we can help, how much it would cost, etc.

Just fill out our simple 30 second application on this page and we’ll talk soon.

Regardless, I hope you got a lot out of this – and we really help put you on the best and faster track to grow your business exactly how you want.

Talk soon,
Mike Piet
TYT SEO & ROI Accelerator


PS: If you want a second look at all of this, and for us to show you what we can offer, so you have the best SEO provider working on your organic listing to grow your business – then just fill out this application below – and we’ll take a look at what’s really going on for free, tell you how we do things, how we can help, how much it would costs, etc. Just fill out the simple form below and we’ll get back to you very soon:

PPS: If you don’t even have a current SEO provider then this may not have made as much sense to you – if you are here because you know you need to get SEO done ot rank in the top spots in Google – then you can still fill out our form and we’ll tell you how do it, how we can help, how much it’d cost, etc.

We also recommend another new report we put out about “how to choose the best SEO provider” which you can get for free by click here.

PPPS: A great quote is “no matter how long you’ve gone down the wrong path, turn around.”

Just because you have already invested money and time into one SEO provider – does not mean it’s best to keep giving them more money and time.

Use the 5 checklist for yourself so you can see an objective angle – not what I or your current SEO providor will tell you. Use the list. If you are getting more answers closer to “no” them talk to us now and let us help you.

As Morpheus says in the matrix “we can only show you the door, you must open it

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