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Using A Predictable Proven Ranking Formula

Keyword Research

Foundation of a successful and profitable SEO campaign is finding high volume and converting keywords that equal a huge ROI in the short term and long term. [More Details]

On-Page Optimization

Creating (or changing) content to make the content about certain keywords because Google ranks relevant content, also getting rid of thin and duplicate content. [Learn More]

Off-Page Promotion

Google not only wants to rank the most relevant content, but also wants to rank the most popular content determined by links from high Authority content. [Go Deeper]

Consistently Creating Businesses Huge ROIs

"We are a very satisfied client of TYT. Our traffic has increased substantially as well as a significant increase in the quality of our leads. Their efforts have contributed to a 40% increase in our sales. Mike and his team have been great to work with...the bottom line is that TYT delivers results..."

Sukamal Goswami, President / DJG & Associates – Ocean City, MD

“It is not often that I pause to write feedback, but I have been very impressed. I have been through the optimization process once before with a different company but it didn't worked out. TYT SEO increased my ROI by 700%!”

Steven Thompson – Thompson P.C. – MI

"As one of TYT’s customers, I can say that without their optimization and support we would not be as big a company as we are today."

Stacy Miller – CEO / IBH Industries – NY

"After working with TYT we’ve seen an increase in our revenue. Our customers tell us how they found our videos, watched them, and made them want to do business with us. TYT created and ranked those videos. Their methods work. TYT understands what our needs are and they are very easy to work with."

Steve Swanson – CEO / Swanson Tech – MI

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Helping you rank higher: How we go about it

We live in an age where the internet determines the pace of our very own lives. Since the turn of the century, businesses have consistently sought to leverage the power of the internet to reach out to audiences across the board. Indeed, every big company out there attributes its growth to the internet. The web is the one place where all businesses are equal because everyone has the platform to raise awareness about their brand. However, to take full advantage of this technology, you need to understand how search engines work and how your pages are rendered to the users. We have consistently sought to educate entrepreneurs about the concepts of optimization and ranking.

We are an SEO outfit operating out of New York. For a long time now, we have worked with both small and big business, helping them understand the concept of optimization and implement strategies that work towards increasing sales. Our members of staff have the requisite experience, having been in the industry for quite a stretch. Our methods are result-oriented, ensuring that there is a measurable output gleaned from the work we do for clients.

Understanding the concept of optimization

A lot of businesses out there have heard about search engine optimization. This is a phrase bandied about without proper understanding of what it actually entails. SEO refers to principles that professionals like ourselves use to build up the architecture of websites so that they are indexable by Google. Whenever an information seeker goes online, they enter very specific search terms. The only results that show up come from sites that have been set up in the right way. In a nutshell, you might have a great website with all the nifty graphics in the right places, but so long as it is not optimized, you remain largely irrelevant across the internet.

Which is where we come in..

Many SEO companies will promise to blanket your web page and secure all your web properties such that you appear in the top echelons of Google and Bing within weeks. However, this is not exactly how optimization works. You see, you have to build a solid platform that is conducive to users first. You need to make your website friendly o the average information seeker. Keep in mind that the users of the internet are largely impatient. They are looking for information of a very specific nature, and if they do not find it in seconds, they jump right back to Google’s start page and head out. If this keeps happening to a business, then its online reputation slowly deteriorates over time. Here at the company, we ensure this does not happen by building a solid wall of protocols that enhance visibility. You will need to know that optimization cannot be achieved in a single week (or even a month). It takes time and more importantly, resources to get it done. Our intention is to always work with the client, morphing their ideas with our expertise in a bid to create ranking strategies that last.

How search engines work

Popular engines such as Google are solely interested in enhancing the experience of the user. Once a user goes online and types in some keywords, the idea is to send crawlers all over the internet looking for relevant hits. If the right results are found, then the results are displayed to the user. Now, keywords are important, but they are not the only ingredient of a page that is well-set up. Google will need to know how up-to-date your content is before it ranks it. It also needs to know how the websites in question are set up. If you have, say, a site that has too much graphic content, then the loading speed will slow down and Google will not rank it in its top list. Remember, sites that are ranked high up in Google enjoy the advantage of heightened visibility. Our company has a very specific set of formulas that come in handy in ranking websites. Once you agree to work with us, we get started upon an ambitious process of helping you rank better.

Why calling us in is recommended

Some businesses here in New York feel that achieving good rankings is a simple process that can be done in-house. They therefore go about managing their own optimization strategies and most of the times, this turns out to be a sad and ill-advised move. The truth about ranking is that it is a full process that relies heavily on the expertise of the individuals involved. Running your own SEO is a challenging task, to say the least. You need to know the right tweaks to make, and you need to avoid making moves that might attract penalties from Google. It is important to practice optimization procedures that are legitimate and actionable, and that is precisely what we do here. 

Staying ahead of the pack

As one of the most popular SEO companies in New York, we pay close attention to trends in the market, and this helps us manage your optimization processes using the latest techniques. For example, Google tweaks its algorithms over 500 times a year. Every single algorithmic change affects the way your pages are seen by information seekers. There is a need to keep tweaking your protocols in response to any changes effected by Google. We always keep these changes in mind when setting you up for great rankings.


There is a very close relationship between your ranking on the internet and the number of visitors you get every day. If you are highly ranked, then more traffic is going to be directed your way. A good proportion of the leads you get on your website will convert, and this comes as an advantage in terms of revenues. Therefore, as you can see, it is important that your site is set up the right way because its condition can either make or break you. We are highly skilled in getting businesses to the top of the rankings in Google, and our wealth of experience always comes in handy. Our formulas are proven and our strategies are current.

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