Live Reporting Of Work Done and Key Metrics

Key Metrics Reporting

Simple Live Reporting Of Key Metrics And Work Done So You Can Always Stay Up To Date

One of the biggest frustrations clients have with most other SEO companies is feeling “left in the dark” – not knowing if progress is being made or not.

Maybe, just maybe, the SEO company will send their clients a monthly report. And this report is usually full of numbers and facts, in a complex, time-consuming, hard to read and figure out way, all trying to make things sound good, or cover up the bad…

That is EXACTLY WHY WE why we do the exact opposite of the whole “complex, hard to ready, monthly reports” and do simple, easy quick reports live and monthly.

Here’s what we mean: For every client (even including our own business actually) we report on TWO main things:

  1. Key metrics
  2. Work done

Key Metrics meaning the performance indicators that count, which are, the rankings (positions in Google), the traffic (number of visitors to the content) (traffic) and conversions (leads, sales, or both).

Here’s an example of a Key Metrics Report that we give:

key metrics sample from TYT SEO Triple Your Traffic SEO Company

You see how it says “page 1 of 1” down in the right hand corner? We do our very best to keep all key metrics to one page. So it’s simple and easy to read. You can clearly see if there is positive progress or not. No guessing or leaving it up to your interpretation.

Now onto the other type of report we give, which is called “work done.

Work done, as you probably guessed, is the work done (site content created, video created, links, etc.) that will effect the key metrics.

You see, there is a “lag time” in SEO, just like there is when turning the faucet from hot to cold, it doesn’t happen instantly…

Just like working out, if you check the scale daily, you won’t see much improvement at all. But if you track your progress of work done (in this case things like working out daily, eating right, etc.) you can be pretty certain that the key metrics (in this example losing weight/size) will improve.

So in the exact same way, it’s important to make sure the work is getting done that will lead to increasing the key metrics you want; rankings, traffic, and conversions.

Here’s an example of how our “Work Done Reports” look:

triple your traffic work done sample

Time Frames:

Now, like we stated most SEO companies do complex reporting on a monthly time frame – if even that.

At TYT, we know that 30 days can be too long for someone to wait, which is why we set our system up so all of our clients can see they Key Metrics and Work Done live (if they so desired).

Specifically meaning – at ANY TIME, our clients can (1) check the traffic and conversions along with (2) the live progress of the work being done.

We actually do this by using Google spreadsheets which I’m sure you are familiar with. It’s just like excel – but on the “cloud” – and anyone can edit it from any location, and see the changes real time, with zero delays.

We give our clients’ links and an explanation of how to see all of this whenever they want from day one.

Long story short; working with us, you will know if it’s working or not, if the work promised is being done or not, we can’t fake this, we make ourselves very transparent and accountable so you know exactly what you are paying for, and we give you undeniable proof that it is working.