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Updated: 02-22-2018

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“This action plan showed me everything I needed to know about what’s involved to get to the top spots, the exact price it would cost, helping me better choose which SEO company will actually get me the top spots for my target keywords so much easier.”Stacy Miller – CEO/IBH Industries
“TYT got me to the top spots for almost all of my keywords, especially the main ones. The increased traffic lead to more than tripling my business from it. They get the job done.”Steven Thompson – Thompson P.C.
What You Get For Free With Your SEO Action Plan Value
1. Exact Proven Top Spot Google Plan

The exact proven plan broken down into 3 main steps, and the explaining (why, what, how) the core elements within each step of how we ranked so many clients in the top spots resulting in a combined average increase revenue of $698,000 per month, backed with live examples.

…we’ll spill all the details to get these top spots rankings (including details and secrets we left out of the free information on our site due to the sake of time and privacy).

2. Custom Checklist To The Top Spots

We’ll analyze your site and keyword competition, and create you a custom logical checklist breakdown of the specific elements you need in place (down to the exact number of links you need to outrank your current competition).

This isn’t “IF” you will rank, it’s only a matter of “WHEN” you will implement this.

3. Custom Best Keywords To Target & ROI Calculations

This plan includes the custom keyword research where we research, discover, and find and give you your exact best keywords you want to be targeting (best meaning combination of enough people searching those keywords, likely to turn into a sale, and not too competitive, etc.)

Note: we only take on businesses as clients that we are 100% confident we can get them at least 10 times back per month to what they invest in the SEO campaign - thus this is another reason why we do the keyword research before we start working with anyone officially, to make sure the SEO campaign is worth it.

4. Strategy Session Focused On Growing Your Business

We will share this all with you LIVE 1-on-1 that way we can chat, conversate, and interact live REAL TIME, and also for us to answer any questions you may have.

We will use Skype or if you don’t have skype so we can share our screens and show this all to you.

5. Hard Copies of All Materials We Went Over & More

We’ll send you the custom plan, the cost breakdown, and keyword research we did for you - and even an extra one page “cheat sheet” summary of what we went over after the meeting, so you have a copy - all still 100% free included with the free SEO action plan meeting.

6. How We Can Do It All For You

And during the meeting, we’ll give you more details on how we could do all the hard work for you (at a fraction of the time and cost it would take you or someone else to do it, since we have it all systematized and refined to be the most effective and affordable way of executing this system to make the top spots a reality).

And all the other details you’d need to know if you want us to execute the top spot ranking plan for you, such as, exactly how much it would cost for us to do it all for you to outrank the competition, how long it’d take for you to rank in the top spots, etc.

Of course if you want us to execute the plan for you there’s a cost – but again this SEO Action Plan Meeting and Keyword Research is 100% free – absolutely no obligations whatsoever.

We know a certain percent of the right people at the right time will become paying clients, so that allows us to talk, consult and give custom plans to others for free while we are open for new clients, so again there’s absolutely no obligation to buy anything or work with us any further...

7. And Much Much More… Priceless
Total Value: $3,785
Your Cost: $997 FREE

I know you may have been burned by other SEO companies in the past, but I promise you this is something different, something that is affordable, consistent, long term and really does work to produce top spots rankings for ultimate business growth.

Just give us a chance and you will see…

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Then it’s set in motion, we create your plan and keyword research, and meet to go over the plan to grow your business fast – to finally get the success and financial boost you’ve been looking for and needing for you and your business.

You are going to want to know these things shared in the free SEO action plan …that’s our message to you.

Being in the top spots in Google may be just the thing you need to finally reach the amount of sales, revenue, and profit consistently you’ve been searching for… and using this proven system can make that a reality for yourself.

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Cheers to stepping off the old, bumpy, dirt road and getting onto the new accelerated
path to the top spots in google, for more traffic, leads, and sales,
for ultimate, consistent, profitable business growth.

– Mike & TYT Team

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If it says “ACCEPTING,” then you are good to go – let’s do this! 😀