Details On What We Deliever With Our SEO Program

Details On What We Deliever

Delivering the KEY INGREDIENTS to Ranking Your Content #1 on Google For Ultimate Business Growth

Most SEO providers will have a SUPER long list of all this technical stuff to make it look much “harder” to be able to charge high prices. Yet 99% of the SEO providers get little to no results. Regardless, here’s what we need to have done so it ALL CONNECTS to get your target content #1 on Google to generate more traffic, sales, and ULTIMATE business growth.

Step #1: Keyword Research And ROI Calculation (FREE before you pay anything)
  • Keyword Research: Finding all the high probability converting keywords people are searching
  • ROI Calculation: Doing the MATH using what we call the “ROI Formula” to make sure running an SEO campaign would be profitable for you.
    • We do this step BEFORE you pay anything and do it all for you as soon as you fill out the the SEO application here.
Step #2: Off-Page Optimization
  • Professional High-Converting YouTube Video: We’ll piggy back on the MILLIONS of links and popularity of by making a high converting professional video that converts like crazy by putting it on YouTube. Some people like watching videos, some people like reading, so by ranking a YouTube video AND your site, you get more rankings, even more traffic, even more money
  • YouTube On-Page Optimization Factors: Just putting the Video on YouTube is basically worthless if no one sees it. That’s why the first step to making it rank in the top positions in Google is to optimize it (the title, description, promote it correctly to get views, custom thumbnail, etc.)
  • High Quality Converting Page Content: Google loves information, and as a general rule will rank content with minimum 500 words or less of great 100% original content. That’€™s why we use professional writers and copy writers to write engaging content correctly that converts the readers into leads and sales (compelling headline, engaging content, call to action, etc.)
  • Page On-Page Optimization Factors: Again just having great content will do nothing if no one sees it, that’s why we have to optimize the page technically to make sure google sees it as very relevant and as an authority page that people will want.  Google can’t help but rank it in the top spots (keyword in the meta title, description, page headline, first, middle and last sentence, overall keyword density of 1% linking out to an authority site, YouTube video embedded, etc.)
  • Site Fixes To Remove Ranking Prevention: Google is pretty “black and white” about if your site has duplicate content or “thin” pages and is going to suppress your rankings because they don’t want any user having a “bad” experience on your site causing them to use another search engine like Bing or Yahoo.

Step #3: Off-Page Promotion
  • High Authority Web 2.0€™s With Original Content: Manual professional made with 100% original content web 2.0’s to create site and anchor text diversity (web 2.0’s are sites like wordpress, tumblr, wix, weebly, etc.)
  • Powerful Local Citations to Build Trust With Google: Real businesses have local citations made that increase the trust Google has with a business on their site, and Google wants to rank TRUSTED sites so these are very helpful – we make these all 100% manually, correctly, and set them up professionally to represent your business (citations are things like, yelp, foursquare, etc.)
  • Real Social Signals From Top Social Sites: As social properties get more and more popular these days, Google knows that any content that is popular naturally gets shared on these top social sites, that’s why we provide and create real shares, like, comments from all of the top social networks (Facebook, Google+ Twitter, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, etc.)
  • High Authority Domain Links: What 99% of SEO providers can’t get truly right, we have a unique proper way to consistently get high authority sites and pages linking to your content only generating “link juice” which is the MAIN INGREDIENT that makes the content rank #1 in Google (we will explain in exact detail during our live free SEO Action Plan which you get when you apply today).

Advanced Management For All Of This Included – 100% Free
  • Dedicated SEO & ROI Project Manager: We have intensely trained, dedicated project managers to mange your seo campaign within budget and ensure everything is done correctly.
  • Personal Central Client Communicator: You get a person assigned just to you that will answer any questions you may have, to communicate with you on what’s being done and why, that way you can always stay in the loop for the most effective path to more rankings, more traffic, and more money.
  • Key Metrics And Work Done Updates: We set up the system so you can see work done and key metrics (keyword positions/rankings, traffic, conversions/leads/sales) LIVE and also provide you with monthly snapshot updates so you can always stay in the loop to see exactly how things are going.

All of This Combined Working Together Generates You the Increased Rankings, Traffic, and Sales for ULTIMATE Business Growth

We’ve been doing this for a LONG time and we perfected exactly what we need to do, in exactly what time frame, and how it gets done so you get the increased rankings, traffic, and money in the fastest, most affordable way possible and in way that sticks, creating LONG TERM business growth and sustainability.

If you haven’t already contact us and see how we can do this ALL for you.