Spot 66 to #1 in Google in Just 81 Days - Case Study

Detailed Case Study

Spot 66 To #1 In Google In Just 81 Days
Generating An Extra $100,000 Per Month
Using Our Tried-And-True Google Ranking Formula

The site is and they came to us wanting to increase their organic SEO rankings for their target keywords to get more sales and grow their business.

These were the key metrics before they ran the SEO campaign with us:

The Starting Situation:

What Starting Situation
Target Keyword Position In Google: 66
Average Monthly Visitors Per Month 652
Average # Of Leads Per Month 8

We used our 3 Step Google Ranking and ROI Producing Formula that we always use…

Step #1: Keyword Research And ROI Calculation

First, we found all the best keywords potential buyers would be typing in, such as; temporary wall, temporary walls, construction temporary walls, temporary wall partition, etc.

Then we did the “ROI Formula” math to make sure ranking those search terms would be very profitable – and it was.

Step #2: On-Page Optimization

We then optimized one main page on the site to be ranked witch was

We optimized the following by putting the target key words in the:

  • Meta title
  • Meta description
  • Page title
  • First sentence, middle, and ending (with overall keyword density around 1%)


  • Made a YouTube video (and optimized it) and embedded on the page
  • Linked out to the YouTube video
  • De-indexed a ton of junk pages
  • Linked the home page and a few other pages to the target page we wanted to rank (know as “siloing”)

Step #3: Off-Page Promotion

We then started building true authority links right away. We acquired and built up authority sites and kept track of all our anchor texts to make sure we were linking in a supernatural way.

We kept building out authority links and watched the site move up in positions until…

After 81 Days The Main Keyword Is In Spot #1 On Google

Starting Situation
 Ending Results
Target Keyword Position In Google: 66 1
Average Monthly Visitors Per Month 652 2595
Average # of Leads Per Month 8 75

As you can see, we did NOT do some new fancy strategy. We did the fundamentals of SEO and incorporated our unique superior approach to get true authority links on demand – and this all results in Google ranking our target keywords #1.

We use this same “Plain Jane” strategy with all different sites and types of markets – and it works consistently creating #1 rankings, which lead to more traffic, which results in HUGE business growth and profit (hence why our slogan is, “more rankings, more traffic, more money”).

If you are interested in running this exact same strategy – then fill out the application here and we’ll let you know in more details how it works, answer any questions you may have, do the keyword research with you – and much more – all for free, before you ever pay a dime.  Fill out the application now so we can start ASAP – research shows the longer you wait, the less likely you are to take action – so go ahead fill out the application now and we’ll talk to you very soon.

If you want to read more on WHAT, WHY, HOW these steps work, then visit this page (where we explain the formula we used in this case study more detail!