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Get 90+ Free Social Signals From Top Social Media Site – 100% Free – To Get And Keep Your Site Secured In Google’s Top Positions

By Mike Piet  on 01-16-2018 Views: 1,953

Hey how’s it going?

It’s Mike Piet from Triple Your Traffic,

And today, I want to promote your site on the top social media sites – for FREE.

Absolutely zero charge, and details how to get your social signals free on the bottom of THIS blog post.

First, let’s talk more about “social signals” start with what they are…

Social signals are the digital signal that a site has been shared on social websites (FaceBook, Google+, Twitter) that search engines pick up.


Social signals are important for TWO main reasons.

  1. Stay natural/safe: keeping things natural/safe/not over-optimized so Google keeps the site indexed and/or no ranking suspensions happen. Think about it… if a site is getting backlinks and it’s a popular site, it’s most likely going to get more shares.
  1. Ranking power/increase rankings: Google has over 200 hundred ranking factors it takes into consideration when ranking. Social media is a big deal and not going away anytime soon. I’m sure we can say social signals can help increase rankings in Google. I’ve seen my own testing and others that sometimes it works/helps and sometimes it doesn’t (thus that’s why this reason is second  on the list).


Now, what kind of social signals do we use?

Only three.

We stick to the fundamentals, or in other terms the “80/20” of social signals.

Those three are FaceBook shares, Google shares, and Twitter Tweets.

You think this would be easy to get social signals, but there is some challenges…


Challenges With Social Signals

You think you could just make a bunch of emails, and then use them to make a ton of social accounts.

Until you go to the accounts… and then they need PHONE code verification that you can only use once per account. So now you need to get dozens of phone numbers somehow (which is actually not easy, and gets expensive fast).

Then when you do that… the social sites start BLOCKING your IP.

So now you need to go purchase a monthly payment plan of custom IP’s to use (because public IP’s get banned so fast from all the spammers).

Then once you finally have some accounts created, they start getting SHUT DOWN for unknown reasons, most likely due to the files not looking REAL, in other terms “fake as hell.”

So then you realized you need to make posts and make all these social signal profiles REAL. And KEEP posting stuff on them, hiring others to this, building out systems to do all this, dealing, managing it all, etc. etc.

And challenges with these things keep occurring as you probably already know…

But you can skip all the challenges that come with getting social share signals…


Revealing TYT Social Signals

We spent YEARS figuring out this stuff – how to get consistently get social signals every month, from real accounts, for an insanely low price per URL share.

We’ll do all the shares for you, record your social stats before you start using us, and then afterwards, so you know your content is really being shared (Google analytics has a feature to see shared links and such if needed).

All you have to do is fill out the information at the BOTTOM of this page, and we’ll start sharing your site on facebook, twitter, and google + accounts.

Keep your site safe in Google, add more value to your SEO campaign, and increase your rankings with social signals from TYT – you will be happy you did when your site is #1 for the target keywords producing a lot of leads and sales.

Remember, studies show 33% of searchers click the first position on Google – so you MUST be number one to reap all the rewards.

Take action now and get TYT social signals package 100% Free (for limited time) for all the content you want to rank for in the top positions in Google.

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