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By Mike Piet  on 01-09-2018 Views: 2,207

As you know may know, on-page optimization is “50%” of the equation to rank in the top positions in Google.

Without on-page optimization, your site content won’t rank as easy, will take much more links and money to rank (if at all)…

Now, I’m actually NOT here on this blog post to tell you…

  • WHAT on-page optimization is (put the keywords in certain places, certain amount of time, LSI keywords, linking out to authority site, YT video embed, etc.)
  • HOW to do the on-page optimization correctly
  • Or even that figuring out or doing on-page optimization is HARD…

I’m here to help you in a very unique and different way.


Scaling Your Business

To really understand the true value of this free offer I’m about to extend to you – we need to start off with a quote/principle that I’ve used to successfully and profitably scale my own client SEO business.

“Just because you CAN do it, does NOT mean you SHOULD do it.”

So like I mentioned, on-page optimization is not the hardest thing in the world…

But that hour or so of time and ENERGY you’d spend coming up with an SEO optimized and compelling meta title and description and all that fun stuff to get your page optimized correct – is called “OPPORTUNITY COST”

…meaning the time and energy you lost NOT working on growing your business doing “higher leverage” working-on-the-system-type-of-stuff (in other words where you are needed most to scale your business).

Just a small reminder and business lesson I really want to share…


Focus Solely On Higher Level Activities

You NEED to be focused on the things that CANNOT be outsourced easily… strategically thinking and executing plans to grow your business.

Now, I am NOT saying that on-page optimization is NOT important

– I am saying it is VERY IMPORTANT –

…and what is also just as important is for YOU to start to LETTING go of control…

…deep breath in…

And starting to delegate the “easier” tasks – so you can fully focus on big picture opportunities to grow your business and income (that’s how big success and profit will happen).

So here’s what we can offer – right now:


Announcing Our On-page Optimization Service 100% FREE

With about 5 clicks and by filling out the form BELOW, you can have an on-page fully trained ninja analyze the exact page(s) you need optimized, and send you exactly what you need to change, where, why, how, etc. – saving you the time from having to do it.

Look, you know deep down you need to be working on your business and not in your business and as corny and overused phrase that may be – it’s true.

Few people do it, and the ones that do get rewarded – because all the rewards of profit come from more clients – not doing all the SEO tasks yourself…

So let’s get the process started…

We are SUPER confident this will be VERY helpful to have this custom on-page optimization report detailing everything you need to do will be for you.

Literally then all you (or someone you hire) will need to do is apply the fixes/changes/updates that we clearly spell out in the report that will take about 5 minutes or less on average to implement.

BOTTOM LINE: Not only will doing the on-page optimization correctly be a key component/element/part to ranking in the top spots for your desired keywords…

…but most important freeing you to work on “higher level tasks” to grow your business and become more profitable today.

MAKE THE CALL: If you need to make sure your page is optimized using tried-and-true, time-tested proven on-page factors, then fill out the information in the form BELOW…

Then, we will analyze your site for you, and tell you exactly what you need to change to have the fully optimized pagerank in Google – and again freeing up your time to work on your business, not in it

…all adding up to predictable ranking increases in Google and profitable business growth for you (and your client if this is who it’s for as well).

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