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Free keyword research

Let Us Do All The Detailed Digging to Tell You Exactly The Best Keywords To Rank, Estimated ROI, Difficulty Level, Etc. – All Done For You… Delivered To Your Inbox In Just A Few Short Days – 100% For Free

By Mike Piet  on 01-06-2018 Views: 2,810

Hey hey hey!

It’s Mike Piet here,

And today I want to talk about the FOUNDATION of a successful SEO campaign …which is KEYWORD RESEARCH

Keyword research is CRITICAL to know WHAT KEYWORDS (search phrases) you are going to target to rank in Google (based on/choosing the best converting keywords VS info-seeking keywords, search volume, etc.) and most importantly how much ROI those keywords will most likely generate.

Also these keywords will be used in the SEO ranking strategy.

You NEED to have the keyword research to show the data that the SEO campaign will be profitable and show exactly what keywords will be targeted to rank in Google – to close the lead into a high monthly paying client.

We don’t have time in this specific blog post to go into the details about how to do the keyword research correctly… (but a key piece is knowing the ROI which we use a specific formula for which you can learn more about here).  

Here on the TYT back-end blog, we want to go over the broad strokes of what and why you need to get keyword research done, and how we can help…

First let me start by asking do you like these things…

  • Going to google planner, figure out the starter keywords, put them in, get all the ideas, download, filter the best ones, then go to all the other tools and put keywords in to generate the best keywords…
  • …then group them all together in a way that makes sense to rank on the same page?
  • …then analyze the keyword top competitors whose keywords are already ranking… and then put this all in an excel sheet with a professional design so you (or a client/potential client) can interpret, and use to rank the keywords for a profitable SEO campaign..

Okay so maybe you do like to all that (and that’s fine) – but we are here to take it off your plate, and make sure you have the correct keywords that you are targeting – and NOT waste possibly months because you didn’t rank the right keywords which not only costed you time and money but also maybe an unhappy client….


Let Us Do It For You For Ultimate Scaling And Profit-Growth For Your Business

We want to do all the details digging, sifting, analyzing, organizing, completing, thinking, making it look nice, etc. etc. all for you – in the best most advanced way we know how.

That way – you have the right keywords that bring the quickest and most long term profit which frees your time up so you can immediately focus on growing your business to get more profit …or go on a nice vacation that you so badly deserve (or anything else that you enjoy doing) while we do all the hard work for you – but that’s up to you 😀

Key Insights You’ll Get From The Keyword Research

The key insights you’ll gain from our advanced keyword research and ROI formula, competitive analysis calculations – all combined into one:

  • What keywords to rank that will give the best ROI
  • Avoid taking the time do it yourself
  • What keywords will be easiest
  • What groups to have your keywords in
  • And there’s many more…..


Let’s Wrap This Blog Post Up

So that’s it – all the hard tedious detailed work that is involved in Keyword Research all done for you correctly, delivered straight to your email inbox in just a few short days – freeing up your time to do something else – with zero risk involved (literary we will do this for free for you – just to build a great relationship with you – absolutely no obligation whatsoever to continue working with is or not).

Okay… so… by now you should know if this is for you or not (if you’re still unsure just contact us, or at least take action and buy to see the results for yourself).



So now the big question is, “What are you going to do?” You can…

You can ignore this free offer (that’s fine, if this isn’t for you, then it’s okay, no worries) – you can go do the keyword research, ROI estimation yourself…



Let the smart full-trained detailed digital marketing staff at TYT do it all for you.

If you take the more proven path of us doing it all for you …you’ve not only gone down the path of getting the best keyword research out there (most people have no idea how to do this correctly as you know)…

…but by delegating the time consuming detailed keyword research work you’ve taken the right step towards letting go of control and are focusing on growing your business in the most productive and profitable way – few people do that – so good job and keep it up (connect with us when you have down time – we’d love to chat about your success and share insights).


How To Get Your Free Keyword Research Right Now

All you have to do right below is input your information in the simple boxes, we will start and finish the keyword research, then send you all the data/results to your email.

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Whether you want our Keyword Research Service or not, thanks for checking out the site, regardless of what you choose, all of us at TYT wish you lots of success and a profitable scaling business 😀


Talk to you soon,

Mike & TYT Team