Custom SEO action Plan - Triple Your Traffic

Custom SEO action Plan

Exactly How YOU Get To #1 in Google For More Traffic Leads And Sales In No Time Flat – All Revealed In Your Custom-Made Traffic-Getting Action Plan – All 100% Free

By Mike Piet  on 01-01-2018 Views: 2,742

Hey how’s it going today?!

Hope your day is going GREAT.

…and I want to make your day even GREATER 😀

I want to offer you what we call the “Traffic-Getting SEO Action Plan”.

Which is the plan, strategy, exact keywords to rank, and exact to-do list  of all the things we need in place in order to rank #1 on Google – that we create every time before we begin and SEO campaign.

And this time, we’ll be creating this plan – for you ONLY – exactly what you need in place…

…my team and I will find all the keywords that are most likely to convert into customers for you, determine the search volume, and do all the calculations to make sure you have a huge ROI with your SEO campaign…

…then will make a custom made plan and checklist laying out EXACTLY what YOU need to do – to get to the top spots in Google for those target keywords – so you really do get the increased traffic, leads, and sales from being in the top spots in Google.

If you want more details on this, I made a quick video for you.

All you have to do is put in your information in the form below and we’ll get started right away…

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Top 5 target keywords:

Average revenue from a sale:

Seriously this is going to help you. And there’s is ZERO obligation to work with us whatsoever. And this is 100% free. So let’s get started and chat (just fill in the form below)

A few more details on your free traffic-getting action plan just if needed:

  • Live 1 Hour (or more) Strategy Session (Skype or phone):

One-on-one private meeting where we’ll reveal our exact proven TYT Google Ranking Formula that we’ve used to consistently get our clients top positions in Google that currently results in a total average increase of $698,000 in MORE revenue per month

…and exactly what you need in place to increase your revenue and profit as well – by really being #1 in Google for CONSISTENTLY more traffic, leads, sales, and business growth.

Plus we’ll answer any questions you may have about SEO, digital marketing, business, etc.

  • Detailed SEO Action Plan (PDF Format):

We’ll give you an exact copy of the material that we go over in our 1-on-1 time, and also a simple “cheat sheet” summary of the major things we talked about in the meeting (so you can simply and quickly USE and refer back to it as needed).

  • Keyword Research/ROI Calculations (Excel Format):

Hand deliver the exact keywords to rank in google that will bring you the most ROI (and easiest and quickest to rank #1). 

We will do all the detailed digging, sifting, analyzing, organizing… all the hard tedious detailed work that is involved in Keyword Research. 

…all done for you – correctly delivered straight to your email inbox in just a few short days.

  • SEO Cost Breakdown (PDF format):

Know the exact costs it will take you to be #1 in Google so you can get to the number one spots in google PROFITABLY.

  • SEO Checklist (PDF format):

Exactly what needs to be done for your site to rank #1 in Google in no time flat – in a custom made checklist so you can make sure it gets DONE. 

Again, if you want to know exactly what keywords to target, exactly what YOU need to do to get #1 for this keywords… 

…then fill out the form above and we’ll do all the word to figure that out for you – then lay it out for you in detail LIVE – it doesn’t get any better than that…

Can’t wait to chat during the live free traffic-getting action plan strategy session, 

– Mike & the TYT Team