Better Ranking for your SME with TYT the Best of Maryland SEO Companies

Better Rankinga with TYT the Best of Maryland SEO Companies

If you are looking for a reliable and dedicated business partner among Maryland SEO companies, Triple Your Traffic is your best bet. We offer SEO services to small and medium sized businesses within the Maryland area at the most affordable rates. Our business focus is on you, the client and your unique website’s needs to rank higher in search engines. Our goal is to get you ranked higher organically so that your website can get more traffic which can lead to more conversions and profits. Unlike most SEO companies, we use a proven and predictable formula to rank websites higher for specific search terms. We don’t take anything to chance or try out ambiguous strategies which might harm your website’s ranking and reputation.
Why SEO?

If you run a small or medium size business online, chances are that you’ve heard about different strategies used to rank higher or get more traffic to websites. SEO is one of these. What sets it apart from other strategies is that it gets more traffic in the long term from the main traffic source – search engines. Other strategies are usually temporary meaning your website could see a sudden drop in traffic when you stop applying them. Simply put, SEO is your best way to get consistent traffic in the long term.

Why choose TYT over other Maryland SEO companies?

We have spent years working in the SEO profession. Initially, we didn’t achieve much success. Through trial and error, we were able to identify the key formulas that are necessary to rank in page 1 in Google easily. The formulas have been consistent in terms of producing results. It doesn’t involve any unethical SEO which might see our client’s websites penalized by Google. All strategies used in our ranking formula are search engine friendly. We simply follow the rules but do a great job at it. Here’s a brief overview about our formula.
Triple Your Traffic Formula
Our formula is quite simple. It involves getting the right keywords, on page optimization and off page optimization.
Getting the right keywords involves identifying specific search terms which your business’ clients use when searching for your site. One thing we do is ensure that the keywords revolve around your business’ purpose. For example, if your website deals in selling mountain bike spare parts, you’ll want keywords that are used by a visitor who wants to buy spare parts. This is as opposed to a visitor who just wants information about places to go mountain biking. The keywords will also give us an idea about your competition and how to go about with the next steps in our SEO ranking formula.

Learn more about our formula here:
On page optimization involves creating your website content based on the keywords we have. Search engines use content relevance as one of the ranking factors. We will tweak various parts of your web pages to ensure that they are considered relevant to what users are searching for. Some of the places tweaks are applied include the articles and meta data.
Off page optimization is also one of the key ranking factors Maryland SEO companies will focus on. Link building is the best way to rank higher as far as off page optimization is concerned. A major problem many SEO campaigns face is getting quality links from authority websites. This is one of the easiest ways to rank high in search engines especially if your website is in a highly competitive field. Our formula involves getting only high quality links from authority websites. The best part is that this will be achieved within weeks rather than months.
What you’ll get
At TYT, we understand that your goal is to beat your competition at ranking higher in search engines and get more traffic and profits. That’s why we consider ourselves the top among Maryland SEO companies when it comes to providing proven and ethical SEO results. Besides winning you the top spot in search engines, we strive to ensure that your website dominates search results for specific keywords. It’s quite easy to find your site appearing in on page one of Google for multiple search terms.
Here’s what you’ll get
Your website will rank higher in search engines for the keywords chosen. We only use proven formulas which have been applied on real life websites including ours to rank higher. None of our formulas involve tricking search engines. This ensures that your website will always remain on the good side of search engines.
You will get real time updates on how your website is performing. Unlike most SEO companies, TYT always wants to ensure that or clients know what is happening. You will get real time updates about your website’s progress in addition to monthly reports. In addition, we will tell you exactly what you want to know. That is, where is your page ranked, link building progress and most importantly, how much more leads your website is generating.
You will get a custom package for your SEO campaign. Each website we deal with has unique needs. Triple Your Traffic believes that your budget has to be matched with your specific needs. We use a simple formula which helps you see how much you’ll need to spend on your SEO campaign and give you a clear picture about what you should expect in terms of returns on your investment.
What makes us one of the best Maryland SEO companies is our excellent customer support. We value your business, and make the effort to ensure that you get all the support and answers you need from our team. You can always be sure that someone at TYT is eager and happy to help you out.
Whether you decide to work with us or not, you will receive the action plan for free. This details some of the SEO changes that can be applied to your site, how much it will cost and best of all, how much you will gain from implementing the plan.
What you’ll need to invest
Our SEO package starts at $500. For this price, you will get a custom package that’s tailor made to sit your website’s needs. For example, if your website requires more off page optimization, most of your investment will be channeled to this.

This way, you can be sure that your investment has been well spent to achieve your website’s goals. In addition, before making your investment, you will know what returns to expect.

We also charge higher for larger SEO campaigns as well as for websites targeting to rank higher for highly competitive search terms.
If you believe your online business could do much better by working with one of the top Maryland SEO companies and rank higher, get more traffic and, get more profits fill out the form provided and let us work for you.