Acceptance Procedure - Triple Your Traffic

Acceptance Procedure

We have the right to accept or not accept any person or company as our client.

Before accepting any client, the potential client must go through the “acceptance process”

#1: Run check of our current clients and make sure we have no conflicting clients already

#2: Can get the potential client a huge ROI – if we can’t get you a 10X ROI and demonstrate with the data, then we will tell you, and won’t work with you, to avoid wasting your time and money.

#3: The site is not penalized with bad SEO in the past that would hinder future performance.

We regulate the influx of new clients each month, to make sure and triple check the client is on the right course before starting with anyone new.

Accepting vs NOT Accepting Status.

When we fill up, or need to focus on getting our clients result, we put up a “NOT accepting new clients” status on top of the website. At this time any applications will be ignored untill we are ready to accept new clients again – that’s how serious we are about making sure our clients get the increased rankings, traffic, and sales they want.

If the status reads “ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS” that means we are currently accepting new clients