Need To Know Pricing Info for TYT's SEO Program

Need To Know Pricing Info

Five Need-To-Know Important Facts On SEO Pricing

First off, it’s important to know our SEO strategy and formula which we use on our own business and all of our clients’ businesses – which will make what we are offering make much more sense (learn more about how we get our clients to #1 on Google here).

Regardless, It’s also important to know these FIVE important facts about our SEO pricing:

FACT #1: SEO Has Lots of Costs

A big “myth” I thought at first was “Pay Per Click (adwords)” costs money and organic is free – or at least just my time… until I started doing SEO and quickly realized:

  • All the writers that have to be paid for all the content needed each month.
  • Paying for all the labor for someone who truly understands all the technical work for on-page optimization to make the changes to the site.
  • More writers for creating site content.
  • Scripts for video, voice over, video editor.
  • Searching for the best expired authority domains, buying them, building them up.
  • All the separate hosting accounts.
  • Etc.

Bottom line: there’s not just time involved, there’s also hard costs.

FACT #2: More Competitive = More Authority Links Needed

Once the site is optimized correctly and what we call “ranking preventions” are fixed (duplicate, thin, and/or junk content is removed from Google’s index) then more authority links will make you rank.

Google not only wants to rank the most relevant content, but also the most popular/best content – the main way they figure out what content is best is by the amount of true authority links a site/page has.

Now, how many links you need is a very complex formula because there’s so many factors that make each link’s “ranking power” vary.

Speaking generally, if you want to rank for a NON-competitive keyword like “how to grill a cucumber on Thursday when it is raining” it’s NOT going to require many links – because it’s not competitive.

On the other hand, wanting to rank for keywords like “how to treat acne” and going up against multi-billion dollar brands will require a lot more links because it’s much more competitive.

FACT #3: Existing Authority Links to Target Content Help

Another big factor to consider, is how many authority links the content to be ranked already has.

Meaning if your site already has a lot of authority links compared to the competition’s sites, we will need less links to rank.

Now you can start to see why… we CANNOT just say “you need XX amount of links to rank #1” – without analyzing your competition and site.

That is exactly why why we ask on our application for your target keywords and site, so we can analyze the competing sites that show up for your target keywords and how your site compares – to tell you honestly what it is going to take to beat your competition and be #1.

With all that said, we STILL want to give you an idea of what you will get and how much it costs – so you can at least get an idea on the investment range and what it takes to run an effective SEO campaign.

Our package prices range from $500 to $5,000 – we have budgets set in increments of $500 dollars to fit your needs and seo budget.

For example, having a $500 dollar budget will get you the items listed below in month one and to the right of that chart you can see what you will get in month two and on-going (you can also click each item to get more details on what exactly it is).

sample of pircing table for tyt pricing page

(Click Picture to Make Bigger)

Again, if you want to understand what we mean exactly by the items above – you can go here.

FACT #4: We Make Sure You Only Are Investing in Things You Need

Now, something to note: if we analyze your site, determine you don’t need site content, we take it off, and do more links.

Or if you already have YouTube videos to use and we don’t need to make more videos, we can use the ones you already have, so we take off paying for videos and invest it into more links.

With this flexible method, you are investing in only what you need – and not anything else.

Also, you may haven noticed that Month one and Month two/on-going vary a little which is because in month one, we have to get the content we want to be ranked optimized correctly.  Then in Month two, that’s already done, so we can spend the budget on more links.

Here’s another example of our $2,997 monthly price package so you can get a better comparison of what the different price points offer:

2997 exmaple


FACT #5: The More You Spend, The More You Get

As you probably already made the connection – the bigger the budget you have, the more you get, the faster you rank (and remember bigger budgets are needed in more competitive markets regardless).

Now that you have more of a feel for what it cost, to find out your exact dollar amount, fill out the TYT SEO application and you will automatically be set up with a TYT ROI Accelerator that will analyze your keywords and site – and tell you realistically what budget you need to rank #1 in Google, for more traffic, leads, and sales.

Bottom line: we give you exactly what you need, investing as little as possible, to get the biggest return.

We’ve literally spend YEARS refining our process and how we do things – so we can deliver you the most cost-effective SEO campaign. 

To Wrap This Up:

I hope you got a lot of value from this – not only to see how our pricing works, but to get a better feel for how much it costs to run an effective seo campaign so that you can become more of an even better investor in the rapidly growing SEO market.

As a final note, if you are interested in us executing our proven process and formula to get your target content ranked fill out the application.

Talk to you soon! Regardless, we wish you the best.

Here’s to you and your business to generating more rankings, more traffic, and more money – for ULTIMATE business growth.

-The TYT Team