TYT's Proven Google RankIng Formula For #1 Rankings

TYT’s Proven Google RankIng Formula

The Exact Same Formula We Use to Consistently Generate a New Flow of Leads, Sales, and Cash For Countless Businesses 

We’ve ranked so many different keywords, with different sites, in different markets, we now view ranking just like a recipe. You do certain things one way, you get one result. You add different things in a different way you get a different result.

TYT SEO Google ranking Formula just like making a cake using a recipe

Just like adding and doing the same things like a recipe, our Google formula is just like that, involving 3 main steps.

Before we get into the exact 3 steps, we first want to share Google’s Mission:

Rank the most relevant and best content for the correlating search term in the top positions

That way, users keep coming back, and are therefore much more likely to click an ad, that makes Google money.

Knowing Google’s mission, we built that into our SEO process and we execute on it – that way Google can’t help but rank the content #1 – for more traffic, sales, and ultimate business growth.

Step #1: Keyword Research & ROI Calculation
  • Determining the best high probability converting keywords that equal a great ROI.
  • These keywords will be what the content is ranked for and they will be used in step 2 and 3 of the TYT Google Ranking Formula€ to make this happen.
  • Major actions of this step are researching and determining the best converting keywords and calculating and estimating the ROI.
    • To get more details on “Step #1 Keyword Research & ROI Calculation” you can click here.
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Step #2: On-Page Optimization
  • Using the “keywords” in select places to tell Google my site/page is about “these words.”
  • Google wants to give its users the most relevant content – meaning they will rank the most relevant searches determined by certain factors.
  • Put your target keyword in the page title, URL, description, body, pictures, embed related YouTube video and link out to related site.
    • For more details and examples of “Step #2: On-Page Optimization” visit this page.
Step #3: Off-Page Promotion
  • Telling Google your site/content is popular by incoming links, linking to your site. A good metaphor is “links are like votes” – more “votes” = higher rankings (except only authoritative content can vote these days).
  • Google not only wants to rank most relevant sites, but also wants to display the most “popular/best” content for it’s users.
  • Major actions involve obtaining “authority links” and “site diversity” in a supernatural way.
    • You can learn in much more detail on step #3 and what 99% of SEO companies are doing wrong and what you want to AVOID like the plague, and how it needs to be done here.
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Recap of 3 Step Proven TYT Ranking Formula

  1. We find all the keywords and make sure you will get 10X monthly what you invest – if that CANNOT be achieved there’s no point in executing an SEO Campaign (and we will tell you).
  2. We make sure the site has all the keywords in the correct places so Google knows the content is about these keywords and phrases. We also make sure the site doesn’t have any duplicate content, thin content, junk pages, etc. that would prevent any ranking progress (which all happens within the first month).  We also create professional high-converting content for your site, and/or YouTube video (if you don’t have one already).
  3. We create and link out to your content from true authority sites along with a variety of sites, in a supernatural way.

Here’s how this looks in the formula perspective:

Right keywords Generating 10X ROI [STEP #1]

+ On Page Optimization (content relevant) [STEP #2]

+ Authority Links (content best) [STEP #3]

= Top Google Rankings

Using this formula, Google can’t help but rank your content #1 because we are giving them exactly what they want.

Using this formula not only works much quicker than other SEO methods, it also produces LONG-TERM results (any Google algorithm changes are always just better ways to seek out the most relevant sites, the best sites, and in a natural way – all of which we do).

Get More Details On How We Can Apply This Formula To Your Business

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